What is TACL

TACL Goals

  • To provide quality leadership throughout Tennessee
  • To provide professional support and opportunities to test knowledge and skills
  • To provide support to develop community leadership programs in areas where none exist
  • To provide an opportunity for diverse people to get together to learn from each other

Benefits of TACL membership includes:

  • Being offered a Statewide Leadership Conference member discount.
  • Being provided a copy of the Tennessee Leadership Program Directory.
  • Networking with peers of adult and youth leadership development pro-grams throughout the state of Tennessee.
  • Mentoring to prospective and new leadership program staff/board/ directors.
  • Attending regional leadership pro-gram meetings.
  • Being eligible for program grants and conference scholarships.
  • Providing assistance with certified facilitators to conduct various lead-ership exercises.
  • Identifying quality speakers on various leadership presentations.

Who Should Be A Member?

  • Director/Coordinator/Staff Member
  • Graduate/Current Participant
  • Board Member/Trustee of Program or Alumni Association
  • Individual Committed to Concept
  • Business/Individual Resource